The Riviera spa is a beautiful addition to any home and garden and offers something a little bit different and special with its nautical theme and streamline looks…..

With teakwood trims and stainless steel rails, The Riviera prides it’s self on using the highest grade of materials for that all important elegant finish.

With a range of units which come in 3 designs to choose from, the Avant-garde, the Emotion and the Maritim, each offer different colour combinations to suit your customer’s needs.

Avant-garde: Spa shell in white, silver & pearl; cabinet in white, graphite & pearl gold.

Emotion: Spa shell in pearl and cabinet in pearl gold.

Maritim: Spa shell in white and cabinet in white.

Viano: because of the way the cabinet is made, the Viano model is available with a ”bicolour” cabinet, giving a further option of the cabinet in basic platinum or pearl, complimented with a red or blue additional tone.

These spas offer a deep penetrating massage for an all over feeling of wellbeing and add luxury to any home or garden. They are easy to install and easy to use and maintain.

Construction and Maintenance of Spas


Wide range of Spas, Tru Pool

Viano Mairtim

Construction of Spas, Tru Pool

Sienna Maritim xl

Construction and maintenance of Spas, Tru Pool

Panta P

Easy to install and maintain spas in Wimborne


Wide range of Spas, Wimborne

Isola Maatea

Easy to install and maintain spas

Isola Aldea

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