Refurbishments covers a large amount of pool work and includes, liner changes, re-screeding, sand changes, remedial work and plumbing.

Linear Changes

Liner changes will be required when you have a liner pool. The life expectancy of a 30 guage liner is approximately 10 -15 years, the liner will become brittle and porous and the need for replacement will be obvious.

If the liner has been damaged and is no longer holding water the process of re-lining generally takes three days.

Whilst doing this we also have the opportunity to check the quality of the screed in the pool and for you to chose a new design for the pool, as the choice of designs and colours are many, if you wish.


This process needs to be done if the screed in the pool is breaking up and is beyond the point of repair. This can be quite a large job but a quality job will serve the pool for many years to come.

Sand Changes

Sand changes should be carried out every 3-5 years. There is also the necessity to change the sand if the pressure in the filter is increased and has been back washed regularly. Sand changes done correctly only take a couple of hours and can be completed with no mess.

Remedial Work

Remedial work are situations like replacing tired old coping stones, replacing tiles that have fallen off (can be done under water, without the need to drain the pool), replacing faulty fittings in or outside of the pool e.g. Skimmers/hand rails.

We also perform acid washes to remove calcium build up or staining.


Plumbing needs to be carried out if pipe work begins to leek and can be done above or below ground. Plumbing can also be redone if you wish to add things to your system like a salt system or if pipe work is old or illogical.

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