We build all types of swimming pool in practically any shape or size and your dream pool really could become a reality. There are three main types of pool; liner, concrete and infinity pools.

Linear Pools

The liner pool is the most common type of pool and is also the cheapest.
These pools are constructed using high strength polymer panels which is levelled and concreted into position; the floor is then screeded with all pipe work in position. We then fit the liner and begin to fill the pool and to finish lay coping stones/tiles and slabs/surround tiles.

These pools are quick to build and cause you minimal inconvenience.
We also sell these pools as D.I.Y. kits for anyone who feels confident enough to give it a go.

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Concrete Pools

These pools are not as common as liner pools but there are still many of them around. These pools are often found in commercial settings (e.g. hotels) and in pools constructed pre 1980’s. These are the mid range pools.

The pools are constructed with either hollow reinforced blocks, cast concrete or sprayed concrete and can be made in any shape you can imagine. The floor is then screeded with a waterproof screed and finished in either a rendered or tilled finish. To complete and enhance the pool, tiles, coping stones or slabs are laid to suit your tastes and budget.

Construction and Maintenance of Swimming Pools, Tru Pool

Infinity Pools

This type of pool is the most infrequently built pool due to the cost of construction and difficulty of the build. They are a “top end” pool because of this and because of the admirable and exquisite finish produced, when built correctly.

These pools are constructed using hollow blocks with a precast gully on top or sprayed concrete and are designed so that water cascades over the top of the pool and into the gully the floor is screeded with water proof screed and is finished with tiles or has a rendered finish. In some cases an infinity pool is also fitted with a vanishing edge which gives the illusion that the water is disappearing into the landscape.

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